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EaterHampton: Espo's Surf & Sport Wants Ice Cream Biz

Napeague surf shop Espo's had some perhaps unattainable desires discussed at last week's East Hampton Planning Board meeting, most importantly, an ice cream shop. The company's wish list included a new roof, more square footage, legal sheds and permits for creating a section of the store from which to sell frozen treats. Many board members were skeptical about the nature of the changes, calling them a 'code enforcement nightmare'. Espo's is currently operating without permits for a long list of 'improvements', setting itself up for a lot of variance-obtaining in the coming months while it waits for word on the changes. The Suffolk County Health Department must make decisions on the ice cream proposal before the planning board can go on, so fingers crossed dessert loving surfers, your time may have come.
· Ice Cream Would Join Surf Stuff at Espo’s [EH Star]