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EaterHampton: Resto-Blogger Finds A Few More of His Kind

Writer Bruce Buschel filed again this morning, chronicling his latest headaches in opening a Bridgehampton restaurant with no experience in the matter. This week's theme: Moonlighters, or rather those who have jobs that just get in the way of what they really like to do. Inspired by his 'Viggo Mortensen doppelganger' sprinkler installer, Buschel discovers that most people around him have careers that cover-up for their true passions, the best of which are detailed below.

The Mortensen lookalike sprinker guy actually has 'a master’s in biotechnology and organics from the University of Agriculture in Plovdiv, Bulgaria'. He prefers to make wine in his downtime.

Buschel's solar panel salesman is a fisherman. His most coveted potential waiter sells real estate, while his real estate agent is a photographer. His bar builder is a 'fisherman/spy/ artist'. His 'bakery executive is a Buddhist monk'. His wine salesman is a chef while his vegetable farmer is a lawyer and his lawyer would rather be a restauranteur. And Buschel, a writer, would rather be that too.
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