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Top 10: Cheapest Sagaponack Houses on the Market

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Welcome to the latest offering from the Curbed Hamptons Listage Department, where everyone loves a good countdown. In light of the recent East End giveaway of a Sagaponack farmhouse (land not included), we thought we'd take a look at what other inexpensive abodes the village has to offer. Without further adieu, the cheapest Sagaponack listings, sadly none of which are free.

10) The House: 'Sagaponack Seclusion'
The Price: $2.275 million
The Skinny: A north of the highway traditional, this new offering has a sizable 4.8 acre lot. The house has permits for tennis and a 'fabulous rental history' to boot.
Listing: Sagaponack Seclusion [HRG]

9) The House: 21 Greenleaf Lane
The Price: $2 million
The Skinny: A petite post modern near beaches, this 3 bedroom 3 baths touts its proximity to the water and a tennis court, but not much else. Approaching 2 years on the market.
Listing: Sagaponack with Tennis Court [Corcoran]

8) The House: 133 Old Farm Road
The Price: $1.995 million
The Skinny: Tied with #7, this Poxabogue pondfront has pretty views and a cottage feel. The listing instructs one to 'make this your Walden pond experience', so act accordingly.
Listing: A Village Classic... [Corcoran]

7) The House: Sagaponack Traditional
The Price: $1.995 million
The Skinny: This 4 bedroom, 4 bath traditional is a fairly standard cul de sac offering. Boasts 3.9 mile walk/run/drive to Sagg Main Beach.
Listing: Sagaponack Traditional [T&C]

6) The House: 3614 Montauk Highway
The Price: $1.9 million
The Skinny: A pretty 1,500 square foot farmhouse on this 1.45 acres, this listing invites you to imagine a dream house instead. Quote: 'Your visions can become a reality'. Ok.
Listing: Sagaponack [Elliman]

5) The House: Traditional 'Country Living'
The Price: $1.695 million
The Skinny: A well-groomed 3 bedroom, this 2,450 square footer hit the market this summer. Needs some updating, but the 'owned by a landscaper' mention is a vital to remember.
Listing: Country Living [T&C]

4) The House: 16 Ranch Court
The Price: $1.595 million
The Skinny: A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a fabulously lush lawn, this traditional offers fun times for your money. Water slide and basketball court included.
Listing: Sagaponack [Elliman]

3) The House: 116 Greenleaf Lane
The Price: $1.495 million
The Skinny:Tying with #2, this brick red farmhouse boasts a very private 3.75 acre lot. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths on a 'secret' cul de sac. So shhhh....
Listing: Sagaponack Village Farmhouse [Corcoran]

2) The House: Cedar Traditional
The Price: $1.495 million
The Skinny: A 3,700 square footer on 1.7 acres, this well-appointed five bedroom features a colonial design and 'comfortable year round or seasonal living for all!'.
Listing: Cedar Traditional [Saunders]

1) The House: 259 Haines Path
The Price: $735,000
The Skinny: A 1975-built contemporary, this 5 bedroom, 2 bath has languished on the market since 2007. Cheap, but low on amenities, and lacking a pool.
Listing: Sagaponack [Elliman]

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