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House Tours: Relive the Good Old Days in Grey Gardens 2.0

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Missed Open House New York's early morning tour of Grey Gardens yesterday? Fear not, for here it is in all of its floral printed glory. Bowtied designer Christopher Hyland hosts the five minute jaunt around the house, and chats with owner Sally Quinn about how the post-Beale incarnation of the home came to be. Noteworthy items: When Quinn bought the home in the 1970s from Little Edie herself, her real estate agent wouldn't set foot inside the nearly condemned estate. In addition, most of the furnishings came from the attic and were restored once the 32 cats that inhabited the East Hampton home were removed. See how far it's come...
· Then and Now: Grey Gardens [LXTV]

Grey Gardens

3 West End Ave, East Hampton, NY 11937 Visit Website