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Update: Planning Board Says No to Wainscott Hollow Mansion

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The East Hampton Town Planning Board gave the official no-no to Jeffrey Collé this week, dashing any dreams that the developer had for a Wainscott Hollow mansion. Since August, neighbors have been winning a battle over Collé, who had planned to build a 14,000 square foot mansion on a 40 acre plot of land, which would be one of the largest homes in all of East Hampton Township. Following an earlier recommendation to subdivide the lot and build smaller, more area-appropriate homes, the Town presented a final 5-2 vote to prevent Collé from any further mansion aspirations. Neighbors have long been vying for the subdivision option, which would allow 70% off the land to be preserved and would further protect an 1802 farmhouse which sits on the property. Collé's reps have previously said that he would agree to the the community's wishes. Happy times on Wainscott Hollow Road.
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