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Rennert Revisited: Sagaponack House Named Biggest in U.S.

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Today in obvious news: Ira Rennert's Sagaponack manse is the biggest house is America! Wahoo! Plus one for the East End. Now most neighbors within a 100-mile radius of Casa de Rennert already knew that the House That Ate the Hamptons was large and in charge, but yesterday Zillow dubbed it the biggest, and claimed that even in this market, the home is worth a staggering $202 million. The estate, which was completed in 2003 amid much neighborly strife, is believed to have somewhere between 21 to 29 bedrooms and between 18 and 49 bathrooms, depending on what structures are included in the tally. The 63 oceanfront acres on Daniels Lane come with some expansive views, along with two tennis courts, a basketball court, and much, much more.
· Ira Rennert Mansion is Largest Home in the U.S. [Zillow via TRD]